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Blood and Caps Pack

Blood Caps (Empty)

Blood Gel 1oz

Blood Gel 2oz

Blood Splatter

Fresh Scab 16oz

Fresh Scab 1oz

Fresh Scab 6 oz

Squirt Blood  Dark - .5 oz

Squirt Blood - 2 oz

Squirt Blood - 9 oz

Squirt Blood .5 oz

Squirt Blood 2 oz

Squirt Blood 9 oz

Stage Blood - .5oz

Stage Blood - 1 oz

Stage Blood - 16 oz

Stage Blood - 2 oz

Stage Blood - 4 oz

Stage Blood - 8 oz

Transfusion Blood - Bright (Arterial)

Transfusion Blood - Dark (Venial)

Transfusion Blood - Scab (Dark Brown)

Transfusion Blood - The Blood (Deep Wound)